When I created a new React project and utilized Netlify to serve the website, I got thrown an error as such.

Netlify Error.

12:37:10 PM: Treating warnings as errors because process.env.CI = true.
12:37:10 PM: Most CI servers set it automatically.
12:37:10 PM: 
12:37:10 PM: Failed to compile.

From this error, all I could understand was process.env.CI = true is causing the build to pick up warnings as errors. The fix seems pretty easy as Netlify provides an ability to configure build process.


Head to Netlify > Your Project > Site Settings > Build & deploy > Build settings > Build command.

We need to pass CI=false and follow up with our build command.

For example, for my React project, default build command is npm run build but after adding CI=false, it would be as such.

CI=false npm run build