As an adherent streamer, I do always love to surf with high speed networks and just surf away. Sadly, it is not currently possible with my current home network. Streaming Youtube videos, Netflix, Hulu+, Crunchyroll and many other video providers has been my daily habit. I sit on my computer quite a lot, researching and such but I will always have something playing in the background or one of my display monitors whether it be a music, relaxing to rock or movies and TV Shows.

I recently found about about Rabbit Beta (non-referral link) and I think it is helping me save quite a bit of bandwidth per month and the speed it streams the content with is beyond the imagination of network I wish to have.

What is Rabbit?

Rabbit is about sharing your everyday. Watch your favorite shows with your friends, without being in the same room (or even the same city!). Collaborate with your coworkers when you’re all on the road. Shop together for a birthday present for Mom, then sing her “happy birthday” with family far away. The possibilities are endless.

Rabbit started with an idea: people sharing experiences online from wherever they are. We began with an app for Mac in February 2013. Then in August 2014 we launched a web-based version of Rabbit. In February 2015, we were named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Video by Fast Company. And in October 2015, we launched an app for iOS. But this is only the start: we’ve got big plans.

How to make use of their awesome network?

  • Head over to (Non-ref).
  • Click on Sign Up button on the top right.
  • Fill out your information & do the regular registration.
  • Confirm your email with the verification email sent to your email.
  • When you get back to and see a message,

How do you want to Rabbit? Take your pick:”

Select Messages only.

Then you will probably land on this option window.

Click on Decide what to watch. Or simply click on the Rabbitcast Launchpad button on the bottom center of your screen.

You can watch whatever you wish to watch.

They even provided their member with custom URL stream, you know what that means.

I took a Speedtest from Rabbitcast browser, the test result was ridiculous but I suppose for an organization which excels in Streaming, it was to be expected. I also think this is their datacenter’s pooled network speed, not allocated for each members.

And here’s me watching and enjoying Narcos @ Netflix.

Enjoy the streams!

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