What I have enlisted and compiled here are the libraries and references that I have used and found useful for my future references. Every content listed on this particular page is not owned by me and are linked directly to the source and will be constantly updated.


Computer Science (Supplemental Readings)


Competitive Programming

  1. CodeForces
  2. HackerRank
  3. Code Chef
  4. Geeks For Geeks

Reverse Engineering

  1. x86 Opcode and Instruction Reference
  2. x64 Cheat Sheet
  3. Instructions & Examples Compiled
  4. Game Hacking Resources by @dsasmblr

General References

  1. Markdown Cheatsheet by @adam-p

  2. Git Cheat Sheet - Education


  1. Unix/Linux Command Reference (by Fosswire.com)
  2. Linux Bash Shell Cheat Sheet
  3. Linux-Cheat-Sheet-Sponsored-By-Loggly
  4. Docker Cheat Sheet

Tools & Resources