To make a website that is favored by others various components comes into play, Search Engines Optimizations (SEO), looks, stability, smooth surfing, clean and many more which even I am not aware of. Very small features can help your visitors by making their visit to your website fun and smooth while keeping it professional on the side. When I first launched my Ghost blog, there was no link handlers. In simple words, the external and internal links acted the same. For example - Before, when I post a link from Reddit and a link to one of my post or some static page, it would open both of them in the current tab which means, if my visitor wants to continue reading, he would have to go through a hassle of clicking the back button in the browser or backspace key in their keyboard however last week, I changed it to open all links a new tab which I think annoyed them more (from their mails), each and every links in my post would open in a new tab. Not just the links inside a post but static page links as well. Today I decided to change the way my links work the way I want to and hopefully my readers will have a smooth surf in my blog.

I used jQuery for this task as I have yet to explore the PHP usage in this blogging platform. This is the way I did it.

// Handle all URLs - Prashant M. Shrestha - Needs more customization!
var yourDomain = "";

$(" a[href^='http://'], a[href^='https://']").click(function () {
    if ($(this).attr("href").indexOf(yourDomain) == -1) {
        // If it's not* an INNER LINK!
        $(this).attr("target", "_blank");
    } else {
        // If it's an INNER LINK!
        $(this).attr("target", "");

I tested it and it worked great, I liked it, hope my readers like it too. It is a very simple newbie jQuery snippet as I am not that* good with jQuery yet. Simple if-else statements could easily get the work done! This can be done via. ternary conditional operator (condition) ? <true> : <false>; as well, one line code but keeping it simple, the way I like it!

For those who do not know where to add this code, you can append it inside any .js file inside the document.ready function which can be found under ./public_html/content/themes/<theme-name>/assets/js/ I use the default Casper theme so that’s where you can find it if you are using the Ghost’s default theme.

$(document).ready(function () {
    /* here */

In order to keep my codes clean and to separate my codes and others, I created my own .js file and cramp my messy codes in there, it works! Here’s the preview of my js directory. I created a .js file named jLoader.js.


~ Happy Coding & Namaste!